Guide To Hardwood Floor Repair Mississuaga Ontario

Contrary to popular belief, hardwood flooring is highly vulnerable to scratches and wood damage. This is particularly true if the wooden flooring is in a high-traffic area. Problems can range from minor surface damage caused by pets running on the wood to severe structural defects or floorboard squeaking. There is no easy method to avoid scratches and gouges in the wood as they are a result of daily wear-and-tear; however, it is possible to repair the problems. This article will provide information on how to go about floor repair in Mississuaga Ontario.

For those into DIY, here is simple step-by-step tutorial that we found useful:

Problem #1: Scratches

One of the most common problem people face with wooden flooring is scratching. Minor scratches in hardwood flooring can be buffed away utilizing fine sandpaper grits or steel wool; however, you need to restrict the sanding to the scratched area and lightly touch the surrounding surface. You should also buff or sand along with the wood grain to avoid any further damage. If the floor has been finished using polyurethane, it is recommended that you utilize a scouring pad dipped in mineral spirits instead of steel wool as it can be difficult to sand.

Problem #2: Watermark Stains

In the majority of cases, water is an enemy to all hardwood flooring. This means that if a person leaves a watermark ring from a cold glass or a hot coffee cup on the floor, you may be able to view a stain. To deal with this problem, it is recommended that you fold a cloth in half and place it over the affected area. Set an iron to a low heat and iron it over the stain area. This will gradually help remove the moisture from the hardwood and eliminate the watermark. Of course, you need to ensure that you are not burning the wood and it needs to be done gradually.

If the watermark stain is larger being caused by a spill or overly-watered house plant, then the area may need to be bleached, sanded or refinished to match the rest of the flooring. The latter task can be the most complicated and it may be beneficial to hire a professional technician if the stain is in a highly visible location.

Problem #3: Replacing Damaged Wood

Seriously damaged or rotting sections of hardwood flooring need to be removed and replaced with new sections. This will involve cutting the specific section of the floor, gluing or nailing replacements to the sub-flooring, filling cracks to match, sanding the new floor surface, and finally, refinishing the new wood. If you are not experienced with this work, it may be beneficial to hire a team of flooring professionals who services the Mississauga and GTA, to complete the task.